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I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with their goods? Jan 28, 2. It sounds like the IA that faked lab reports and got ran off a couple boards.

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Injectables caused infection to member of another board. Moldy stopper on a vial. William Hollin likes this. Jan 28, 3. That's unfortunately the news the I thought I was going to hear but thought it best to start a thread incase I was wrong. Thanks for your prompt reply Les! Appreciate it. Dare say I got robbed. Jan 31, 4. Jan 31, 5. I've heard the bad reports but their MENT, npp, and primo are fire. Jan 31, 6. I've heard the bad reports and they got booted off ASF. I received test cyp Got in touch with X and he found out it was relabeled.

Should have been test cyp I ran labs again and my results were good. Their PWO stuff is good. Fury and War are my favorites. At one point they were taking the majority of the business on the board. I need to be in shape from mid October to mid December. I was just hoping to find out the best time of day to dose and how long you believe it is safe to do so. I am planning on starting at 10mg of Cardarine per day.

Thanks again. Please talk to a licensed medical professional about all of this! You can't just stop TRT, you have to taper off slowly and introduce a wide range of herbal alternatives to help mitigate the issues you had. Look into stuff like this: Thank you for your help, and I know you are not a Dr. You may not believe me, but I was taking the exact Aggressive Strength Test Booster from Mike Mahler, maca root, ashwaganda, and extra zinc, and small dose Arimidex for Estrogen Control. I completely crashed sexually.

Arimidex is pretty potent stuff. I have been reading on some bodybuilding forums that peptides warehouse product may actually be made in China and may not be what they claim. Did you independently test the quality of their product? Or just go off the analysis they provided on their website? Here's a response from them: I have never seen on a single forum anyone mentioning our products being made in China.

Beyond that, all liquids are produced in our facility and Raws are tested prior to that. I would venture to say we are absolutely the only company who has this quality control over our product. First off, have just started listening to your podcast and your content is fantastic. Keep up the great work. I have just received the order and it appears to be a scam. I received skin saver by prosper natural and absolute comfort instead of and I ordered through this site yes, and I can totally vouch for it. It sounds like they just made a mistake.

I would contact their support team. I also ordered threw peptide warehouse. Is it safe to use these all three with the testosterone supplements you have linked in you Superman pdf file?

Safe Alternatives To Steroids.

However, I am still dealing with nerve paint neuralgia following my hernia surgery. Which Sarm or peptide do you recommend specifically for nerve repair and healing? I am considering the LGD but wanted you thoughts first. I'd look into TB for that. I have received the 3 SARMS you recommended above here and in 2 of the bottles the liquid seems cloudy or almost crystallised, while the 3rd is a clear liquid. Is this OK? I can't vouch for ANY source other than the one I link to in the article above.

Sorry man: Would you recommend a different stack for female fat loss when I try again in a few weeks? Yes, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. This might be a late response but hopefully you see it or someone else does. The biggest difference I noticed is my increased sex-drive and energy. I had no side effects from what I could tell. I do olympic style weight lifting in the gym. They always seem heavy to me. I felt slightly more effect around week three.

I just finished taking the first SARM in this article last week. It wasnt quite as beneficial compared to Lgd What is the reason for splitting up the doses and taking them two or three times a day instead of just taking one larger dose per day? Do you have any idea how to quality check these products? And have you quality checked peptide wharehouse? I looked into quality at Peptides Warehouse and will definitely vouch for them. Others you need to take on case by case basis…. Peptide warehouse seems to bill through the U.

And suggestions for getting around that? A prepaid Visa gift card? That's strange. You might need to call up and approve it. This is a policy of the bank. Thinking of doing 4 weeks of LGD, using your recommended dosage. Hey, Ben… if taking. Also, do you have a good source for BPC? Trustworthy, that is. Yes, you could still add in BPC.

Read more about sourcing here: Are all of these legal to consume? Some research I have done has suggested that it is illegal to use for anything other than testing purposes. I have turned a lot of people on to your podcasts and articles. Thank you again for all that you do. Four years ago a woman hit me head while on my motorcycle when I was I was in the hospital for months and 8 mos post recovery a doc suggested TRT for my low test range. I quit cold turkey and have felt my hormones have been wonky since and my hair has yet to stop falling out.

Should I be concerned with LDG working against my efforts for reducing, or even reversing my hair loss? Thank you again sir. I will be doing a consult with you soon enough for far more than I could possibly ever cover in a comment request. I am very picky about what I put in my body. I was in an industrial accident and was semi immobile for a year and a half and gained weight. I still have a bad knee from that accident and am looking for a way to heal it without steroids. Also my job as a Truck driver keeps me in a seat for 9 hours a day, with an erratic unchangeable sleeping pattern.

It looks like it would be great for someone like me, for losing weight and healing my knee. Peptides Warehouse statement is that orders are for animal use and not human. So bottom line…..

GW-501516: The SARMS That Burns Fat and Keeps Muscle

Cheers bud keep brilliant work you do. Firstly, I'm not a doctor and nothing I say should be taken as medical advice. I'm not sure I would rely on this for colitis. I would instead look into things like elemental diet, aloe vera, probiotic enemas, etc. Otherwise, start here: For example the Quad Elite has the following amounts:. I have a question about cycling on and cycling off. Of the three researched here, LGD seems to be the one that is the most suppressive.

In your research, did you find any information that supports doing PCT for any of these, or is it unnecessary? What are your recommendations for making this shift? Should I use only hcg for a period of time before the switch, take a period of time off of everything all together, or just make the switch from one to the other after the end of this 4th months cycle? Thanks for your help and clarification on this one. Firstly, I am not a doctor and nothing I say should be taken as medical advice. I recommend doing the exact cycles I talk about in the article.

I also am not a fan of HCG so I do not recommend that at all. This is pretty complex so I'd suggest booking a consult and we'll go into detail there. Thank you! I am not a doctor and nothing I say should be taken as medical advice. I do indeed recommend taking these instead of taking testosterone replacement therapy because you get all the same benefits without all of the damaging side effects.

Strong Supplement Shop Customer Service Contact Info

And if you stack all three of them together you will definitely notice an increase in drive. Does it take time to work? I am interested in trying a peptide for a Glute, lower back muscle issue caused by Hip tightness. I am scheduled to get prolotherapy on my hips but thought that this could help with recovery.

Honestly you could take all of them together if u want to heal as fast as possible but if just one use TB as long as u r not competing in sanctioned sports. Am I missing something here? Is there a dilution factor that is not shown? Each bottle contains 30ml. With 1ml in each full dropper though how full remains to be seen you get varying mg. If the bottle label says 10mg, then it is 10mg per ml or dropper full. If it says 20mg, then you get 20mg per ml or dropper full. I would call them on the phone or open a support ticket with them because I'll bet that they will take your money… ;-.

Why these three sarms specifically? I see that there are 8 listed on peptides warehouse: Great article, and something I really want to try out. Every article I find is very inconsistent on dosage and units. Most people are mixing up mL and mg or using them interchangeably. It appears the proper dose is mg. Is that mg of the liquid suspension or mg of just the active ingredient? When I use my gram scale and weigh out my dose, I get 1 dropper full to be about mg. I was a bit confused on the dosage as well as Ben recommends the dosage in milligrams mg , but the product is a liquid and comes in Milliliters ml.

But when you go to the site they specific the mg per ml. So a one milliliter dosage will contain 10 mg of LGD Now all you have to do is make sure the dropper can measure accurately for milliliters. I have just ordered mine so I am not sure of the out of the box dropper. If it is not, these can be order from Amazon for a couple of bucks or I am sure your local drug store has them. You will also see the bottle is identified as having 30 ml. This means a bottle should have 30 1ml 10mg doses in it. If you only use. To all who are looking for droppers.

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  • I went to the pharmacy at Target. The pharmacist gave me two 1 ml droppers. No charge. Ben great article. It mentions combating muscle lose for aging and elderly. Do you have any opinions or information on using these to extend quality of life and mobility? Shae, start here: Or should you taper off of the test while on LGD?

    Taper off TRT ideally before! Hi Ben, thanks as always for the great info. I am looking into adding a cycle or two of these SARMs as a supplement to my bulking protocol, which I will be starting later this year probably November. You can totally combine all three and yes, I would get them from the link above in the article. You can also use them with the standard bolting protocol you have described. Be sure to use essential amino acids instead of branched-chain amino acids though. Those work way better. Hi Ben, I am a 53 yr old woman, fairly fit and about 5 to 10 lbs from my ideal weight.

    I try to loosly follow a keto diet but do like my wine. I am thinking about doing a few cycles of the LDG, 4 wks on and 2 wks off to see if it can help. I also have a few nagging injuries, likely age related that I am hoping it will help with. Is there any concern with liver toxicity I do like my wine and are there any other suggestions that you would have.

    I love your articles and podcasts by the way: No concerns with liver toxicity on that one but I would also highly, highly recommend you listen to the podcast episodes that I have done on estrogen dominance… start here: This information is misleading. All of them have side effects, some of them pretty harsh actually. People, educate yourselves! Ben, If a person were to use one of more of these products as recommended dosage and cycling and achieved specific benefits while working out very hard, then stopped using the products but continued to work out hard do you feel those benefits would be lost?

    So it is a bit confusing. I ll try out lgd, mk and gw for 8 weeks with a pause of 2 weeks in between starting in september. Looking for your thoughts. I can't answer prescription based questions like that as well as whoever prescrived you the medication but I haven't seen much research behind simultaneous use of SARMS and steroids.

    I wouldn't but that's just me. Jay, no, There is 10mg per ml. So a 30ml bottle has 30 10mg doses or 60 5mg doses. You would need to take 0. I suggest you get a dropper that shows you 0. What do you think of Yohimbie HCL for stubborn fat? I would start by reading this: Ben, Thanks Great Article as always, how you do all this research is amazing.

    I am 54 and have been using the Mahelers Testosterone Booster on your Thorne wellness longevity panel my T was which was good. Cycling off the Testosterone Booster now for 4 weeks, is this an ok time to do a 21 day LG trial? The first night I tried this I slept great maybe just coincidence.

    The company saw 1 full dropper is 1ml, not 10ml? The bottle says 30ml and 20mg, can someone help? SR is in a bottle of 20 milligrams per milliliter milligrams or mg is a measure of weight, while milliliters ml is a measure of volume. A dropperful is 1. Half a dropperful 0.

    Do you think GW would help? Ben, great article… I have major shoulder surgery coming up and after reading this , it looks like LDG might help me maintain muscle while I am rehabbing… is the peptide you would recommend for this situation? That's the best one for that in my personal opinion, yes. Although great efficacy from stacking all three also. I have taken your advice and now have all 3 from the source you provided.

    I am hearing that LDC may have some affect on normal production of hormones.. Finally, I am confused as hell as to how to figure out the conversion of ml which the products come in versus mg which is the way you measure the dose. You can ignore my previous question above on how to figure out dosing..

    I see some other members are answering that. I noticed that on the bottles.. So think I have it figured out. Not if you cycle them exactly as I have described in the article and in the other responses to the comments here. Thanks for the article. Although testosterone levels after LGD supplementation rebound quickly, does the suppression of testosterone caused by LGD cause any concern in your mind? Ben there is a side affect of these that affects the eyes. From my understanding now is that a 5 day on 2 day off will prevent this.

    Your thoughts? Yep, most of the known issues like this with SARMS can be negated by cycling appropriately and not overdosing! So with the dosage being mg, therefore 0. Hi Bill. Yes, that is correct.

    Montessori Approach

    IF you wanted to be more accurate with dosing you could get some insulin syringes that do not have the needle attached or a similar 1 ml needle less syringe. It will provide more accurate dosing especially if you are going to experiment with different amounts. So about a month's worth. I just turned 40 this year, have been endurance athlete and casual crossfitter for last 10 years. Currently 4 months post-op on left arm and 1 month post-op on right arm.

    Would you recommend using one of these solo to start or stack all 3? Honestly, I would stack all three if you want full benefits, but if you choose just one, I'd say LGD The research on this article sucks. The leydig cells account for a small portion of the testicles and even among heavy steroid users, testicular size is not an accurate gauge of HPTA function or AAS use. To scare readers further he mentions the deepening of voices and facial hair growth in women. How long with the suggested dosing would it take to noticed the effects, improved endurance, immediately?

    And as well as fat lost and muscle gain, one. They act pretty quickly. Crazy quickly. Information on cycling on and off is in links above in article. Aiming for strength gains primarily, but endurance also. Look at the dosing schedules I have in the article above. I have the exact dosing listed for each. Do that. What can you tell us about that?

    I've ONLY seen that in non-cycling or overdosing scenarios. Follow the info above and there is far less risk of any of that. Ben posted this to a similar question earlier…be sure to read https: You should read this: What would you recommend if I wanted help with nagging injuries and also wanted to increase lean muscle and lose fat. I know you guys really look up to ben for his professionalism and insight but wouldnt expect him to offer stack suggestions. Do your DD or dont mess with this stuff at all…take your health into your own hands. Great article.

    While helping initially, the injections seem to be less effective over time. I am not a candidate for surgical repair and my doctor has been reluctant to increase the testosterone dosage. Thanks for your response. I have read the linked articles and I follow most of them already. I was not familiar with the pine pollen powder extract.

    Is there a brand you would recommend? It works rpetty good, and have used it for over a year with decent results and as a safe alternative. Thanks Alex. I will look into the RAD May doctor is reluctant to use a higher dosage for TRT as I have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer like my father. However, some research I have come across indicates that TST may actually be protective. Is it possible that peptides and SARMs are still relatively new, and that the negative side effects may not be apparent yet?

    Ultimately, something like, say, kale is safer, but if you want to play big and live on the cutting edge you may need to take a dive into this kind of stuff. I am curious about these and they sound interesting. Some of the sites that I have read say that you should undergo a PCT post cycle therapy after using LDG as your testosterone production will be suppressed. I rock climb and need significantly more strength than I currently have. The Steroid alternative sound like they would be beneficial to me. Please advise where to purchase.

    Yep, that is very typical. It's because these aren't sold as "supplements" or "foods" as approved by FDA. What is the shelf life of these puppies? It looks like another website has a bulk discount if I buy multiple bottles. Can it be used by women? If so what dosages? Can you combine all? Or is it better to start with one and then add the others one by one? I do CrossFit and weight lifting. Yes, you can stack it, or take any solo. You can start with all three if you want.

    No issues with that. What are you recommendations? Also is there any need or recommendations for some sort of PCT, to provide maximum protection? Is there an easy way any way, really to calculate how many mg are in each 30 mg bottle? Also, how does one measure the mg? With the dropper?

    Sounds interesting and something worth getting right! Google is your friend Sebastian: I replied to a person with a similar concern. For more accurate dosing I would suggest an needle less insulin or similar syringe. Most pharmacies would carry these types of syringes. The google page is not representative of what we get in these peptides because they are using different dilutions in each bottle: Sadly there are no markings on the dropper to help figure this out. Thus I have WAY over-dosed on a cancer-causing peptide, and wasted a bunch of expensive product.

    If you go on their website and read the title of the product, for each SARM it gives you the dosage. SR 20mg per ml x 30ml. Own up, terry. If so which do you recommend? Thanks a lot. I am 68 and have seemed to hit a wall in my cycling. I was looking at LGD as well to see if it would give me a boost in my training and ultimately in my muscle mass for cycling? Very interesting article! If you were to only take one of the three, which one would you recommend taking?

    Ben, I see reference to men using GW for fat loss. Would it be safe for a woman to use for added fat loss along with healthy eating and exercise? Can it be used alone or do you need to add another SARM? You can stack it for MORE efficacy or use by itself. Totally safe to use based on the dosing recommendations above. For this article are you not missing the fact that GW is suspected to be causing cancer rapidly in several organs?

    Thats why GSK abandoned the product in ??? When I read the article I almost felt like buying it, but it seems as there are more to it than just baldness and acne? Check this out: I am 29yo woman and I have long been wondering how to increase my testosterone levels naturally without steroids, for ex. Also, I was on oral contraception for over 10 years but now i am already one year free and it really improved my drive and weight loss thanks for the tip!

    I note that LGD is suspended in propolene glycol. This is a nasty substance that should not be ingested. Are there any other sources you can recommend that use better exipients? These are very, very trace amounts of glycol. It's kind of like coffee. Too much can kill you but you need to drink a crap ton. Your email address will not be published. Search for: Shopping cart close. Steroids are bad news bears. Eliminate fatigue and unlock the secrets of low-carb success. Sign up now for instant access to the book! I'm interested in Yes, hook me up!

    Previous Post. Next Post. Dieters can buy powerful fat burners that increase metabolism and suppress the appetite. Most products are made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and have proven benefits. The Strong Supplement Shop also sells nootropics that can keep your brain sharp and improve memory. These products enhance cognitive function, boost your mood, and support mental focus. If you need more energy, select from one of the pre-workout formulas. This online store also offers premium supplements that support greater energy and improved athletic performance.